Moto Grand Prix is so amazing

Moto Grand Prix is so amazing

Moto Grand Prix is so amazing

Moto Grand Prix is so amazing

Moto Grand Prix is so amazing

Moto GP is a kind of sport that is so popular and well known all around the world

with its specialize featured and full of passion in the race.

Grand Prix motorcycle racing is the premier class of motorcycle road racing events held on road circuits.

The power of the limited size of gas on the engine motorcycle is up to 500cc but in contrast for the general

speed of it is just 150cc only.

Moto GP normally held in 19 Grand Prix in a different kinds of places through the country at the circuit lane

with 12 in Europe, three in Asia, two in the Americas and one each in Australia and the Middle East.

The most successful rider in Grand Prix history is Giacomo Agostini with 15 titles and 122 race wins.

In the top-flight series, Agostini holds the title record with eight, followed by active riders Valentino Rossi

with seven and Marc Márquez with six. As of 2020, Rossi holds the record for most top-flight race wins with 89.

For the point that all of the drivers will get is divided into 15 positions of the finishers.

The winner of the race will get 25 and the 15 finishers just 1 point.

Moto Grand Prix is a kind of grand slam event that have to take place every single year and what more important than

that is this kind of sport is so enjoyable and cheerful with the brilliant performance by all of drivers that try as strong

as they could in order to grab up the good result to get the best point of the race.

The main race usually start in the following day of the practice session of the race and when it comes to the special day

of racing.

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